Elhajj is a dramatic actor known for his roles as the romantic lead in several Classical and Contemporary college productions. He starred as Othello from Shakespeare's Othello, Theseus /Oberon from A Midsummer Nights Dream, and Belize from Angels in America.

 A recent graduate from Pace University School of Performing Arts, Elhajj is a trained Physical Actor in the Jacques Lecoq Technique. He studied voice/speech and dialects with vocal/dialect coach Lester Thomas Shane. Elhajj Outland is also trained in classical theater as well, and can handle verse and heightened language thoroughly. He studied Greek classic plays, Shakespearean, Jacobean as well as Chekhov, and Ibsen.

Now that were through with formal introductions, Elhajj wants you to know that he is not as cool as his headshot falsely lead you to believe. Born in the Dirty Jerz AKA New Jersey Elhajj's passion outside of acting is in the car community, where he spends his time socializing with other fellow car enthusiasts at car shows, meet ups, and races. One of his visions thats in the works is forming his own car club with like minded friends who are dedicated to upholding the integrity of the car community. Some of his other hobbies, are snowboarding, and of course anime because who doesn't love anime!

As an actor elhajj is drawn to character driven stories because he believes the characters internal struggles and interpersonal relationships is what the audience connects to the most, and its the most fulfilling experience for him when he can learn something about himself through the life of his characters.