Titus Andronicus

Aaron The Moor

Gene Frankel Theatre

A Midsummer Nights Dream


Schimmel Center Pace University

New Work - Imagine Sisyphus Happy


Schaeberle Studios Pace University

An Octoroon

Bre'r Rabbit

Schaeberle Studios Pace University

Devised Theater-Angels in America

Belize/Mr Lies

Bianca Room Pace University

BFA Acting - Pace School of Performing Arts

September 2016 - May 2020

Earned my BFA in Acting From Pace School of Performing Arts, even though a lot of distractions and road blocks tried to shut down my dream. However i prevailed.

Training- Jacques's Lecoq Technique


A movement Technique that trains the actor to use his body as a way to create a character from the outside in. We are taught how to use elements, colors, materials and animals as a way to discover a characters emotional truth through Physicality.

Training-Acting Verse and Heightened Language

Classical Text

A focus on classical plays and playwrights. I studied Shakespeare iambic pentameter, and worked on monologues, soliloquy's, and scenes from his plays. In addition i also studied /performed scenes from Ibsen, Chekhov, as well as Brecht.

Training-Speech and Dialect

British RP, Generic American, Irish

I can speak in these dialects with proficiency, if given time in advance to brush up on the dialect.

Stage Combat

Unarmed/Rapier and Dagger

I earned a recommended pass certification in both Unarmed and Rapier and Dagger from the S.A.F.D.

Special Skills


Driver License, Above Average in ball sports, Kayaking, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Tummy Roll, and an Advance Muay Thai boxer, white belt in Jiu Jitsu.